INNOVET project

Fostering INNOvation in VET through the exchange of good practices

The third day of the INNOVET webinar: Thematic Teams and best practices from partners

On the 3rd of June, the morning session was dedicated to an introduction of the Internationalization & Learning Mobility Thematic Theme with a warm welcome by the two Coordinators Andre Schoonhoven and Andrea Lombardi and an introduction of some experiences of restarting from:

  • Marit De Ouden, Deltion, The Netherlands
  • Giulia Quaglietti, replaced by Annalisa Palano, Uniser, Italy
  • Hugo Fernandez, Asociación Mundus, Spain

The EfVET Thematic Team on Internationalisation and Learning Mobility was established in October 2018. It kicked off at the EfVET Conference in Como (IT) with the objective to increase opportunities of exchange, support and cooperation between EfVET members.

Supported by a coordinators team, initially the TT investigated the needs of EfVET members in terms of support to Int&LM activities, publishing in 2019 the paper “Report on Internationalisation in VET”. After Como, TT meetings took place in San Sebastian (ES) in June 2019 and at the EfVET Conference in the Azores (PT) in October 2019. As a result, the TT is now focusing on the development of specific initiatives:

  • A community of “EfVET coaches” to support members through peer learning activities. We call it the “Coaches and Athletes” initiative.
  • The support to EfVET in promoting members’ Teachers Trainings offers within the network.

A workshop on “How to restart mobility after covid” was organised in break-out rooms.

In the afternoon session, four good practices were presented as follows:

  • eTwinning project: “L’écologie nous unit” by Melanie Huyghe, Heilig-Hartinstituut T. O., Belgium

Heilig Hartinstituut Leuven (BE) presented the eTwinning project “L’écologie nous unit”. After a brief description of the aim of the project, Melanie Huyghe emphasized the advantages and disadvantages of an online project on the eTwinning platform.

  • Virtual collaboration for Fashion skills by Claire Challande, SEPR, France

SEPR presented us a I@H experience related to a virtual workshop that takes place every year since 2017 in a hybrid format and last year was delivered fully online. This practice, related with the fashion sector, aimed at contributing to the development of digital skills (technical and intercultural) in this sector.

  • Erasmus Learner Journey by Marta Rybka, UNISER, Italy

UNISER presented us the “Erasmus Learner Journey”, an e-learning tool for training Erasmus participants before, during and after their mobility experience. The tool can be used individually by the students or as a base for blended mobility courses with groups of students from different countries.

  • International design workshop, by Delphine Gicquel, SEPR, France

SEPR shared their experience of a one-month long workshop that takes place in France, bringing together professional designers from Ireland, Finland, Spain (incoming teaching mobilities). This year, the workshop was 100% digital. The three-day event was very successful and fruitful for all participants who shared their views and positive feedback throughout surveys via Mentimeter each day. We thank them all for their great participation and engagement especially during the workshops and breakout rooms discussions.