EfVET is a pan-European umbrella professional association established in 1991 with the main purpose of building a network of practitioners VET institutions, to secure a voice across Europe in both European policymaking and practice arenas. EfVET main aim is to influence policies and decisions regarding VET systems in Europe; to promote networking opportunities among Members facilitating their access to relevant information, resources, and tools; to act as a key dissemination partner in different projects and initiatives. EfVET represents currently 230 associations in 34 countries, approximately 200K VET professionals and 2M learners.


UNISER is a social co-operative established in 1998 with legal seat in Forlì and branches in Bologna and Cesena, having more than 20 years of experience in the field of learning mobility during which it has developed many good practices concerning the learning experiences of VET students. UNISER is at the forefront of innovation in learning mobility with many initiatives in place.
Today, UNISER works with more than 200 schools in Europe and 16 mobility consortia to offer mobility. In 2016 UNISER was awarded the VET Charter by the Italian National Agency, based on the quality of the projects completed and an ambitious internationalisation strategy.


Ylä-Savo vocational college – YSAO was established in 1962. Its mission is to provide VET, development services and innovative activities for local working life for young and adults in extensive sectors. The college offers both tailor-made and continuous training in all their fields of education. YSAO is also the main actor of regional development in Ylä-Savo area. There are about 2,000 students studying vocational qualifications and other education, and 200 staff members work there. YSAO platform and experience of adjusting to the rapid changes that Industry 4.0 has caused in Finland will be important to all partners.


SEPR is an inter-professional training organisation created in 1864. It trains nearly 3,700 learners in 6 major training fields. 350 people work within the SEPR including 260 teacher-trainers of general and professional education. With quite an intense and very rich experience in the area of international learning and mobility, SEPR has developed areas of expertise in this field but also in social inclusion (particularly with people with disabilities) and in sustainable development. In addition, SEPR has been awarded the “Good Practice” label from the Erasmus+ French National Agency in 2019. The vast experience in the internationalisation area will add value to the project.


TEC is one of the largest vocational colleges in Denmark and it is located on 6 campuses in Greater Copenhagen. It offers 20 VET programmes, 3 upper secondary technical examination and numerous adult training programmes. The students are 25K of which full times students, and the staff consists of 775 people. TEC is a multi-cultural vocational college: about 1/3 of its students have another ethnical background than Danish. TEC will bring in the project the Danish VET experience mostly focused on Industry 4.0 in terms of pedagogical approach and share the experience of the setting up of quality systems and quality management strategies.


INCOMA is a training and research agency based in Spain with a large experience in the development and coordination of international projects mainly funded in the framework of EU programs, especially in the fields of education, training & research. Active member of international networks such as EfVET, Anna Lindh Foundation, and WINGS, INCOMA is devoted to the knowledge transfer at EU and international level and projects targeting groups at risk of exclusion or with special difficulties to enter the labour market, such as young people, women, migrants. INCOMA will bring its extensive experience in Int & LM to the project.

Da Vinci College

Da Vinci College is a regional VET College with 8,600 VET students, of which some 3,000 in technical studies, offering a great variety of secondary vocational courses in various branches together with (in)-company training and education for adults. It also offers general secondary education for adults and integration courses. The college has a high focus on internationalisation methodologies development and actively participates in EfVET Thematic Team on Internationalisation. Its strength is an innovative approach (European Innovative VET award in 2017) that will be used in the project working on thematic conference and transnational meetings.


The Heilig Hartinstitute Technisch Onderwijs is a part of the complex catholic educational Holy Heart Institute which exists out of 7 different administrative schools. It offers education to about 3K pupils and employs 440 teachers and staff. The school established expertise of internationalisation and today it has a team of 10 highly prepared and experienced people working on internationalisation development. It is an active EfVET Member and its strong network in the local community will be highly valuable for the project during feedback and evaluation collection, as well as share of good practices and
dissemination activities.

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EfVET is a unique European-wide professional association which has been created by and for providers of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in all European countries. Its mission is to champion and enrich technical and vocational education and training through transnational cooperation and building a pan-European network of institutions that could lead European VET policies.

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